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6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA

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6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA Empty 6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA

Post by Deadpool on Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:48 am

Third Show:

-Nigel McGuinness v Tyler Black: on a personal note, it truly feels good to type his name as part of match. Black wins with Gods Last Gift. Nigel looked rusty. Match started very slow paced but picked up by the end. The crowd was awful. Nigel didn't throw one Lariat or Eurapean Uppercut the entire match. "match was very disappointing"
-Sami Calahan v The Necro Butcher: Necro wins after a Tiger Driver. "Total Snoozefest". Postmatch, Cabana, Albright, and Grizzly come to the ring. They ask him to be the fourth member of their team. I'm assuming it's on a future episode, prolly the first taping tomorrow.
-Cheech and Cloudy v Sal Rinaro and Tony Kozina: after a couple of mins, the Dark City Fight Club comes out and destroyed everybody. No contest
-Eddie Edwards v Kevin Steen: Steen nails Edwards with a chair while Turner isn't looking. He hits the Swanton for the pin.
-Austin Aries comes out announced as a multi time world champ to Flairs music. The promo is "f*cking amazing". He talked about how awesome he is and ripped The Phillies for getting swept by Toronto this week. He started ripping on a kid in the crowd and tore him apart. He went around the arena an picked out people and started ripping on them one by one. "it's amazing"

A few notes: crowd is decent size, but definatly smaller than previous taping. A lot of kids in the crowd, a lot. "the Philly crowd is sh!t tonight. Trash being thrown in the ring at random times.". And here's the kicker, no Bobby Cruise tonight. It's some bald guy with a tounge ring. No Guiseppi De Lorente either. Bobby Cruise2 is wearing a red, white, and black tie. The entrance themes are very low tonight, they are very hard to hear.

Second Show:

-Davey Richards v El Generico: Ends in a Double DQ after Steen and Edwards come to the ring and all four brawl through the crowd. During the brawl, Sara Del Ray Irish Whip Paul Tuner into the guardrail. An "ECW" chant broke out during the brawl.
-Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne v Mark Briscoe: Huge pop for Mark. Extended Squash. Mark wins with Powerbomb. Sugarfoot attempted to attack the knee during the match, that was his only offense.
-Silas Young v Delirious w/ Daizee Haze: Delirious wins with a Panic Attack/Shadows Over Hell combo. Post match, Durden comes out for an interview, Deli speaks his jibberish. "Match was exactly what you would expect from these two. If you thing that's awesome, your wrong"
-Colt Cabana and Brent Albright v Claudio Castagnoli and Jimmy Rave: Nana interferes, distracting Albright long enough for CC to hit the Ricola Bomb on him for the win. Post match, Embassy beatdown both Albright and Cabana until Necro and Grizzly make the save. "boring"

First Show:

-Jay Briscoe v Roderick Strong v Dlo Brown: Strong wins with a Bridging Sunset Flip on Dlo. "Match was awesome"
-Kenny King and Rhett Titus v Kenny Omega and Erick Stevens: King and Titus win after Omega goes for a German Suplex and King falls on top of him, Titus held Omegas legs down from the outside a la Bobby Heenan from WM5. "Real solid match"


-Bobby Dempsey beat Andy Ridge

-The Set beat John Moxley and Aaron Scott

-John Kermon beat Maverick

6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA Deadpoolbanner

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6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA Empty Re: 6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA

Post by Rkolegend on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:21 pm

This show was pretty decent ill give it a 7/10 rating.

6/19 ROH on HDNET Taping Results from Philadelphia, PA Randy_Orton_Sig_by_RomRomz

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