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Lashley Saps ‘The Beast’

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Lashley Saps ‘The Beast’ Empty Lashley Saps ‘The Beast’

Post by Deadpool on Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:48 pm

Bobby Lashley fought with brains and brawn, and Bob Sapp could not keep up in the featured bout at Fight Force International “Ultimate Chaos.”

The unbeaten Lashley took down Sapp in the opening seconds and grinded away with ground-and-pound until the larger-than-life Pride Fighting Championships and K-1 veteran tapped out to strikes 3:17 into round one on Saturday at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Miss.

Lashley (4-0), who promised to fight Sapp standing in the pre-fight buildup, instead took the more intelligent route to victory.

“Going out there against somebody like Bob, you’ve got to be prepared,” Lashley said. “I just wanted to get him down. I had to go out there take him down, cover him up, keep him flat and pound on him. That was our gameplan. You’ve got to wear the big man down. We’ve got other matches where we can test our stand-up.”

Lashley’s blows from the top position, more of nuisance to start, grew in intensity and reached their peak with winging punches to the side of Sapp’s head. The hulking 36-year-old, who outweighed the 255-pound Lashley by nearly 70 pounds, actually tapped out twice, seconds apart. The referee did not see the first submission but halted the action when Sapp (10-5-1) back-handed the mat and asked out of the fight for a second time.

Anchored at American Top Team, Lashley has finished three of his first four professional opponents. The former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar plans to fight twice more in2009.

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