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Smackdown Recap

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Smackdown Recap Empty Smackdown Recap

Post by Deadpool on Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:48 am

Show opens with graphic and pyro. Josh Mathews is in the ring plugging "The Bash" and welcomes Jeff Hardy to the ring. Hardy comes out to a loud ovation. (As usual) Hardy grabs a mic. Josh goes over the ladder match with Edge from Extreme Rules. We are shown a highlight of Jeff winning the world heavyweight title. Then we are shown CM Punk cashing in his MITB title shot and winning the title from Hardy. Then we are shown the ending of the triple threat match from last Monday's Raw. Josh says it seems like Jeff cannot catch a break. Jeff says he lives for the moment, and he has Punk at The Bash and he knows that he will beat Punk. Josh invites CM Punk down to the ring. Josh says to Punk that everyone feels like he took advantage of Hardy. Punk says all he did was cash in his MITB case, which was within the rules. Jeff says the two of them couldn't be any more different. Jeff says at the bash, their differences will collide and he will take back his title. Josh thanks both men for coming down and says everyone is looking forward to their match at the bash.


Match 1: Singles match, one fall.

Jeff Hardy VS Chris Jericho

Lots of back and fourth action in this match. Pretty fast paced. Match ends when Rey Mysterio interferes and attacks Jericho with a hurricanrana, sending Jericho face first into the ring post. Jericho is unable to answer the ref's ten count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy hits a twist of fate followed by a swanton bomb on Jericho after the match. Backstage we see Layla, Eve and Maria fighting over a can of hairspray. Dolph Ziggler comes over and says they don't need to fight over him. The three girls make fun of his name. He walks off looking frustrated.


Match 2: Singles match, one fall.

Dolph Ziggler (With new theme music) VS The Great Khali (Daaaa)

Dolph tries running from Khali and Khali pretty much dominates this match. Khali gets DQ'd after holding a chair though he never hit Dolph with it.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Match 3: Diva's match, one fall.

Melina VS Alicia Fox

Not a bad match, nothing special here though. Match ends when Melina hits a flipping roll up and gets the pin.

Winner: Melina

Michelle McCool attacks Melina after the match. McCool grabs a mic and says she's going to absolutely humiliate Melina at the bash.


Match 4: Singles match, one fall.

Edge VS John Morrison

Edge with mic in hand, puts down CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. Edge says he was robbed of his contractually mandated rematch. He then buries Morrison on the mic. Morrison's music cuts him off and Morrison comes down to the ring. Morrison has a mic and Edge asks if he is Seigfried or Roy. Morrison says he can't remember the last time Edge said anything entertaining, as he used to be that way. Morrison says is Edge is so predictable now, that he has to fast forward him on his DVR. Morrison then makes fun of Edge using a mock Canadian accent. REALLY GREAT match here, probably match of the night if you ask me. Match ends when Edge hits a spear on Morrison.

Winner: Edge


Match 5: 6-Man Tag-Team match, one fall.

Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas & Ricky Ortiz VS Cryme Time & R-Truth.

Cryme Time sing along with Truth's theme music. Mtahc is pretty damn entertaining, lost of nice spots in this one. Match ends when Truth hits his spinning elbow smash on Benjamin.

Winners: Cryme Time & R-Truth


Match 6 (Main Event): Singles match, one fall.

Rey Mysterio VS CM Punk

Rey grabs a mic. Rey talks about his payback on Jericho earlier tonight. Rey then challenges Jericho to another match at the bash. Jericho comes out with a mic. Jericho says he already beat Rey and he's not going to give him another chance. Jericho insults the fans and Rey sticks up for them. Jericho says he if wants another title match, he will have to put his mask on the line. Rey accepts.


Now to the match. Very fast paced match, lots of high spots. Jericho is on commentary. Match ends when Punk hits the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Jeff Hardy comes down and gets in Punk's face. Punk rolls out of the ring and raises his title up in the air. Jeff's music hits and the two stare each other down as the show closes.

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Smackdown Recap Empty Re: Smackdown Recap

Post by Rkolegend on Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:06 pm

Well that SD was pretty awesome. I think that SD is starting to get better with Punk as champ so i wanna see how it continues now.

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