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Post by Deadpool on Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:37 am

Shelton Benjamin vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Shelton gets on the microphone and makes fun of his Japanese accent and tells him to stand back or he’s calling Godzilla

Off the bat Shelton goes around posing to the crowd in different Japanese poses, then does the sumo stomp. He then bows to Shelton and gets kicked in the head and gets the pin for the win

Winner: Yoshi Tats by pin fall

Tommy Dreamer /Christian vs. William Regal/Vladimir Kozlov is shown for later tonight

Backstage Abraham Washington is walking to the ring where Josh and Matt say he has brought his show to ECW.


Abraham Washington comes out and gets in the ring and says he wants to talk about a few things from the WWE Universe. He says that The Bash this past Sunday was awesome, he then says he is talking to Vince McMahon and talks about how it’s dumb that Vince bought RAW back from Donald for double. He then says it’s a finical disaster just like 12 rounds with that came out on DVD today. He then welcomes his first guests ‘The Bella twins”. When they come down he tells them to sit down he’s not O.J. Simpson, and then asks them if they ever looked alike and then goes on to say they look fake. The Bella Twins say they are 100 percent real. He then goes on to ask them if they were the number one search on Yahoo and were considered the hottest twins from ESPN. They both agreed, he then asks them a few other questions about there who had their first kiss and who did it first. Both of the Bella twins start to argue and Abraham says he needs some kitty litter because he smells a catfight.

Sheamus vs. Oliver John

Sheamus gets on the microphone and talks about how the old ECW is dead and he’s here to take over and

The match starts off with Sheamus quickly going after Oliver John and putting him in a submission move and then working on him in the corner, he continues to bash his head into the turnbuckle. He then gets Oliver into the middle of the ring and smashes with what happens to be his finishing move, which is a backbreaker onto his knee followed by a pin.

Winner: Sheamus by Pin Fall

Kozlov is warming up backstage when Regal comes over and says he knows he doesn’t speak that much English but he wants to make sure he on the same game plan as what he said earlier.


Zach Ryder is backstage fixing his hair, when someone named Tyler Rex comes in and tells him this Thursday on Superstars he will take on Zach Ryder and to watch out for him.

Raw Rebound is then shown with the weekly guest host that Vince announced with Batista being in charge and what he did to Orton.

Backstage Christian is walking towards the ring when Dreamer comes up and says lets go, Dreamer and then Christian then stops and says that in this exact building is where he returned to WWE and then Dreamer says its not the time to bring this up when Kozlov and Regal are going to tear them apart. Both men then walk to the ring.


Vladimir Kozlov/ William Regal vs. Tommy Dreamer/ Christian

The match starts out with Regal going off with Christian, he then works on Christian and locks up in the ring and goes back and fourth for a bit, before long the tag is made with Kozlov and he goes to work on Christian, Christian then gets tagged by Dreamer. All men to start battle but all of a sudden Kozlov and Regal are on the outside when all of a sudden Christian goes up top to jump off but they both move


As it returns from commercial Regal has Dreamer in a head lock then pushes him to the corner and tags in Kozlov, Kozlov goes right to work with a series of elbows onto Dreamer. Kozlov then tags in Regal and starts to work on Dreamer but he gets away and tags in Christian, Christian gets a few two counts on Regal and then Regal starts to get the offense, he then tags back in Kozlov and Kozlov goes crazy on Christian and gets the advantage in the match where he gets a few two counts on Christian and puts him in a headlock in the middle of the ring, after getting out of it Kozlov tags in Regal, Regal keeps Christian from tagging in Dreamer and then they hit shoulder to shoulder and are laid out in the ring, after a second both men then get up and tag there partners in. Dreamer and Kozlov go to work and as Christian and Regal work on the outside Dreamer hits a neck breaker but only gets a two count. On the outside Regal shoves Christian into the steps. Regal then tags himself in but Dreamer rolls up Regal but only gets a two count again, Regal then moves from the corner as he runs into corner shoulder first. Kozlov tags himself in again and hits the iron curtain on Dreamer for the win.

Winners: William Regal/Vladimir Kozlov by pin fall.

After the match Regal raises Kozlov’s arms, and then Josh and Matt go over the replays where the new Superstar imitative has come to ECW. After the match they show a preview for next weeks raw. ALSO REMINDER TO ALL ECW FANS NEXT WEEK ECW WILL AIR BEFORE SUPERSTARS AT7PM EST ON THURSDAY.

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ECW Results Empty Re: ECW Results

Post by Rkolegend on Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:01 pm

I dont know why but it seems liked a pretty decent ECW. I hope that the show keeps improving so i can start watching it lol.

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